Error codes and limp mode

Error codes and limp mode

Postby davidhill on Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:43 am


I am new to this forum and not very experienced with troubleshooting electrical issues but any help would be very appreciated. I have a 2007 300c. I recently changed my oil pressure sensor because of an error code. I had them do it at a jiffy lube because i was already getting an oil change. Everything was fine for 2 weeks but then two mornings ago i drove out to go to work and about a hundred yards from my house the car went into limp mode and the flashing lightening bolt went on. After that I was unable to start my car. I took the battery out and tested it and it was dead and would not hold a charge. I swapped it out but the care now turns on but wont go out of limp mode. Now the esp, etc, and check engine lights are on. The etc is still flashing. I checked codes and am getting p0335, p0642, p2111, and p2122. Did jiffy lube screw something up? it was two weeks after or just a coincidence? What the heck is going on with my car. Someone please help.

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