About Us

TypoBounty.com is the headquarters for the Typo Bounty Movement™ (?) which seeks to rally internet users to use their collective voice in declaring "Our attention is valuable. Let's clean up the typos." TypoBounty.com empowers internet users to earn money for helping improve their favorite sites and discover new sites  that care about the quality of the copy they present. 

TypoBounty.com is the next big thing in public relations, social media, advertising, customer engagement, website maintenance, proofreading, and marketing communications optimization.

We are doing so many amazing things. Just for starters;

  • We are raising the content quality standard of the internet by bringing large numbers of internet users to the task of eliminating online errors. By assembling a virtual army of internet users willing to both passively and non-passively proofread the internet for typographical and other errors, typos are left with no place to hide. Join us!
  • We are revolutionizing online news delivery by providing a means for online newspapers to double or triple page views, visitor stay times and unique visitors, while simultaneously increasing content quality, visitor loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • We are increasing the buying power of consumers by providing disposable and supplemental income that can be used to buy products at a discount as they work from home identifying errors.
  • We are revolutionizing online public relations and advertising by providing the most powerful way to get fast moving internet users to slow down, read and comprehend every word of a website's copy. This is essential to promoting products. By instantly eliminating website skimming, increasing website stickiness, greatly enhancing the quality of communication between marketers and consumers through our proprietary technique called ReadThrough Marketing™, we solve many of the problems marketers face. Start Marketing!
  • We are able to stimulate local, national and global economies by providing a continuous stimulus to citizens and acting as a source of product discounts.
  • We are making proofreading the internet the world's largest word game that allows users to compete against one another for cash rewards and bragging rights as individuals, schools, cities, states, countries or other groups.
  • We are providing college students scholarships and the ability to build mini scholarships to help pay for college related expenses.
  • We are taking the fight to cancer by building an army of internet users willing to hunt typos and donate the money they earn to the cause of eliminating cancer.

This is the place where small businesses ban together to gain exposure and shoppers help small businesses succeed for a chance to earn.

This is a unique community of observant Internet shoppers, helping small businesses improve their sales pitches and sell more products.

TypoBounty.com was formed based on the premise that "errors kill credibility". A sales pitch introduces the product or service and should be flawless if possible to gain the trust of the reader. Who buys anything from someone they don't trust?

However, in written copy, every error nibbles away at that trust. Given enough nibbles and the sell is lost. Well-written websites tend to sell more. When visitors stay on websites longer and read more of the content, they have an opportunity to identify with the message.

We believe 5 Things:

  1. People want to help.
  2. Small businesses need help.
  3. Small businesses want to be heard.
  4. Bringing people that want to help together with small businesses that need help is a powerful thing for both sides. It makes people feel validated to contribute and businesses gain the benefit of their insights and the ability to effectively share their own offerings, products and services.
  5. The result of opening up dialog is great communication.

For Business Owners
TypoBounty.com allows you to promote your products and services via ReadThrough Marketing™ and eliminate sell stealing website and communication errors simultaneously. Oxford and BBC News : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-14130854. Visitors directed to your web properties via the ReadThrough Marketing™ technique on TypoBounty.com are prepared to stay longer and read more of your content. Your sales pitch gets their full attention as they read every word, not the normal two second skim over. Advertise With Us Now!

For Web Surfers
TypoBounty.com allows web surfers to earn money reporting website errors to web property owners. Spot it, Refer Them, Report it, Earn money for it! Help clean up your favorite websites and see some of the most awesome products around. See something you like? Just report errors until you can pay for it. It's like getting products for FREE! Become A Hunter Now!

Our Brands

The Typo Bounty Movement™ - This refers to the mobilization of internet users to identify typographical and other errors present on the web pages they visit in exchange monetary rewards.

ReadThrough Marketing™ - This refers to the method of offering cash rewards or placing bounties on errors that exist in certain marketing materials to draw undivided attention to copy and sales pitches.

Mediaudience™ - Refers to our free feature that allows newspapers, news website and magazines to increase the quality of their content while increasing page views, readership, customer loyalty and satisfaction. See eligibility list (Think your newspaper should be on this list? Email us)

Mediaudience Blogrower™ - Refers to our feature that allows blogs to reap the benefits of Mediaudience™ such as increases in quality of their content, increased page views, readership, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

TypoDonations™ - Helping Others Is No Mistake™. This refers to our fundraising features for charities, churches, schools, politics, and others.

TBoupon™ - This is the term used to refer to the money sitting in TypoBounty.com online accounts that is to be used toward the price of a product.

TBoofing™ - This refers to internet users using TypoBounty.com for proofreading the internet.

Internet Users Against Cancer™ - This refers to our growing army of internet users willing to provide consistent TypoDonations™ to fund the fight against cancer in all its forms. If 10 million users donate $2 per month, that's 240 million dollars per year. Quite substantial huh? Sister site: www.InternetUsersAgainstCancer.com

TBteam™ - This refers to hunters that have banded together to compete on our TypoBounty.com team leaderboard.

TBuyCash™ - This is the feature that encourages people to build a wish list and hunt until they can buy it. Basically, a modified version of layaway.

TBabyCash™ - This refers to the section where it allows mothers to hunt for money to fulfill their baby's needs.

TBtuneCash™ - This refers to the feature that allows users to buy music with their TypoBounty.com earnings.

TBsnackCash™ - This refers to college students using our system to earn money for snacks to help them through those long study nights! Learn More

TBphoneCash™ - This refers to our program that allows users to pay for their cellphone and smartphone needs.