The Battle Story

Since the creation of the Internet, an army of lawless fighters have invaded the work of unsuspecting website developers, business men and women, and communicators. Their purpose is clear, to cause as much havoc and communication disruption as possible. In turn, they destroy credibility, clarity, sell opportunities, and impede revenue generation online. Their effects can be seen in many types of communication as misspelled words, poor grammar, broken links, missing graphics, lack of clarity, and many other unintended flaws.

This enormous army of dedicated fighters is known as "Error Force". They are sneaky and difficult to detect by the writer of the communication. However, they are obvious to those that are unfamiliar with the web owner's intent. "Profits", "Credibility", "Image", "Clarity", "Interest", "Attention", "Loyalty", and ROI, are all at stake.

As the Internet has grown, so has "Error Force". Their persistent assault on business has been the cause of many missed sells and miscommunications. They have attacked on such broad scale that nothing short of an army can repel their efforts. Fortunately, there is a remnant of brave warriors that are willing to fight off this incursion into the territory called "making the sell". These courageous men and women have become "bounty hunters" with one focus. Destroy "Error Force" and its effects, while restoring law and order to cyberspace.

Being a Error Bounty Hunter is a noble and profitable business to be in. Hunters are paid well for services rendered in this fight against communication imperfection.

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hunt down as many website errors as you can and climb the bounty hunter ranks, becoming a highly paid Sniper on Errors. See Game Levels