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Mission Statement is a community of internet users committed to improving Internet quality. is unique because internet quality is being improved for the masses by the masses, while having fun helping companies reach their goals.
Our community is willing to provide undivided attention to web copy and sales pitches of website owners that are willing to commit their web based copy to being error-free.
By being the FREE interface for Internet users to interact with website owners about their copy, stands on the frontlines of the effort to make the internet as error free and inviting as possible. Our services include community based proofreading, website and business related performance suggestions.
Founded in 2008, continues to add new features and service categories as our users express the need.


Andre Roberson has 10 years of small business marketing, internet research, website layout consulting experience online. Perhaps the worst writer on the internet today, Andre Roberson realizes the benefit can bring to both large and small organizations. "Typos happen. Let's gain from them, fix them and move forward." Andre Roberson


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