Game Rules and Instructions

  • You Must Have:
  • 1. Help correct the Internet by pointing out the errors that exist on websites without SPAMMING.
  • 2. When you see an error on a non-listed site, ALWAYS claim the site's URL via the toolbar FIRST. When you attempt to claim the site, you will be notified if someone else has already claimed it. If not, you're first, and the URL is then saved in your account.
  • 3. Report that you see an error on their website in a vague manner. Don't tell them what it is in your initial contact or they can correct it and never pay you for your observation. Use the ready prepared emails in the toolbar to make first contact.
  • 4. If the website that you contacted begins advertising within 1 month of you claiming the URL, you will receive an email and a two day head start for locating as many errors as you can. If they begin advertising after the month deadline, the errors will be open to you and the public.
  • 5. Search the site. Report the valid errors in detail through the communication interface and get paid for valid reports.

Things To Consider:

  • 1. Be Courteous. The website owners that list their website with are looking for help eliminating errors from their sites. When you find one, report them in a respectful and professional manner. These are the people paying the fees, and they can ban you from their site. No one wants that, so lets keep it clean. Rude, unprofessional comments are grounds for account termination.
  • 2. Only report valid errors. The website owners will not pay for frivolous suggestions and invalid reports. So, you have to think before you send the error report. If you submit a report that is a "judgment call" or "personal preference", you must understand that the website owner owns the website and has the right to reject your suggestion.
  • 3. Keep your account's health rating up. If your reports are weak and they begin to annoy website owners, website owners can either choose to "reject" or "decline" your report. If you are rejected, your health rating takes a hit. If your report is declined, this says that the website owners, sees what you are referring to and can understand why you reported it, however they respectfully choose not to accept the report based on extenuating circumstances. For instance, if you see the phrase, "We sav u money." you may report that it should be "We save you money." In this instance, the website owner knows this and made this statement on purpose. That can be their trademark or they may just be attempting to add some humor to their website. Attempt to assess the website owner's intent before reporting.
  • 4. When you notice errors in guest books and forums consider which errors were created by the owner and which errors were made by visitors to the website. Only the owner's errors will get you paid, as the owner is the one that has the power to advertise for the site. Forum and guest book entries are expressions by their visitors. They won't fix those. So, those don't count.


No Pornographic Websites Are Eligible
No Offensive Websites Are Eligible
No Offensive or Sexually Explicit Screen Names Acceptable
  • 5. reserves the right to reject or delete any ad or screen name or account based on our sole discretion, without prior notice to the user.