What Is The Typo Bounty Movement™? 

The Typo Bounty Movement™ is a growing number of internet users that use TypoBounty.com to report errors they see on websites in exchange for cash rewards. 

The average internet user sees 12 to 20 typos per day as they surf the web. They encounter 10 times that many and just look over them. Errors exist in several forms, including but not limited to spelling, grammar and punctuation.

All internet users should join the Typo Bounty Movement™ because content quality is important. Websites make money for their owners when you visit them. Therefore, your reading experience on sites should be priority to site owners. But typos persist. Together, we can say “Our Attention Online Is Valuable! Clean up the typos! And let me, as a visitor, earn the money for helping identify the errors I see.” 

The object of the Typo Bounty Movement is to eliminate the typo farm scenario and to help web businesses realize that being typo tolerant is bad for business. 

Typo Farm - Refers to websites that tend to have high numbers of errors in their content. 

Typo Tolerant - Refers to websites that don't take errors seriously enough to implement programs for their realtime removal.

Pesky internet based typographical errors can be leveraged to do so much good for so many people. #typobounty

If website owners commit to quality by placing bounties on typos, typos would be corrected by the billions. The benefits? - internet users get cleaner content, -consumers get the benefit of money to use as product coupons or donate to charities, - charities get billions in donations to do good, charity supporters give without feeling the financial pinch, -companies get the public relations boost of committing to providing quality content, -students learn as they compete to identify and report errors first - and website owners get huge traffic from people wanting to read copy for errors, makes sales from impulse buys. 

Billions of dollars worth of transactions are expected to be paid out annually. Money earning opportunities are all over the Internet. For Example: A popular search engine shows the word "receive" was misspelled as "recieve" on 14,800,000 web pages. At the average payout of $2.00 per report, that's a potential $29,600,000 up for grabs…… and that is just one root word. You get the idea?

It's anticipated that  over 500 million internet users will join this online movement.

Internet users! Sign up on TypoBounty.com (Free) to “become a hunter”. Identify typos and gain cash as you surf the web. Every typo you help correct puts money in your pocket and makes for quality reading for the next reader! #typobounty. Sign up now!

Online businesses and news organizations! Be at the forefront of this huge marketing, advertising and public relations opportunity. List Your Business Now!

Let’s turn web errors into money for all. TypoBounty.com’s patent pending platform, provides the necessary checks, preventions and handshakes to conduct the transactions smoothly.