User Rankings

Sniper ($500+) - One highly skilled blend of deadly accuracy, self confidence, and natural instinct in stalking and eliminating large quantities of errors.
Sharpshooter ($400 - $499) - A well trained, formidable foe to errors everywhere. Refining skills and tactics is a way of life.
Marksman ($300 - $399) - Great grasp of established principles and an understanding of what it takes to be the best. Realizes growth is needed.
Rookie ($200-$299) - Has begun to implement sound principles but lacks the confidence necessary to be high impact.
Cadet ($100 - $199) - Accepts the need for rules and regulations, yet still rough around the edges to say the least.
Amateur ($0 - $99) - Unproven abilities, lacks discipline but has potential. image

Error Force

"Error Force&squot; is an inter-galactic army of shape shifters that have infiltrated Cyber Space. Error Force's effects in Cyber Space are seen on web properties as misspelled words, missing graphics, broken links, poor grammar, poor punctuation, and many other mistakes made by those that don't know that "Error Force" exists. This army of shape shifters can assume any form and often become letters and insert themselves into web pages, creating disorder and confusion.